Arte de Mulher (The Art of Woman) is a blog run by writer MW de Jesus that celebrates and promotes the many ways of being a woman.


Customs, traditions and identities have changed radically in the last fifty years. For the first time in history, an individual can define their gender, sexual orientation, profession, role in the family, appearance and way of interacting with society. The ability to define ourselves expands our personal freedoms and, at the same time, provokes fear and confusion in others. For all of the advances in civil liberties that have occurred, much still remains to be done, or rather, undone.

To look at a woman and not know who she is—her genitalia, who she is attracted to, where she works, which tasks she does at home, if she will say yes or no to a request, or the emotional, physical and mental challenges she faces—causes great discomfort for a significant portion of the population. Our brains work with patterns and certainties. Breaking the habit of labeling people at first sight is possible only by understanding that others have different, singular, and valid experiences.


To contemplate, discuss and promote books, articles, companies and ideas that acknowledge and respect women, with the hopes of  combating prejudice, fear and intolerance.


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